What's happening in the neighborhood?

Major street and sidewalk repairs planned for 2019 & 2020!
  • The 2019 PRRMA Budget was approved for $522K.  The major expenditures are as follows:

    • $391K will be spent on road repair and associated engineering

    • $62K will be spent on roadway crack sealing

    • $37K to repair “The Links” entrance on Summit Parkway

    • $15K for tree maintenance in the common areas


  • Annual assessments will not be increased for 2019 


  • The PRRMA reserve balance is forecasted to be $202K at the end of 2019


  • Based upon the latest PASER study an additional $340K will need to be spent on roadway repair in 2020


  • Both Fairways and Fairway Pines are having issues with parking on their streets.  Fire Hydrants are being blocked and the fire lanes are being ignored (cars parking on both sides of many streets).  It was identified that none of the three subs have signage in place identifying fire lanes.  The respective HOA’s are to discuss the possibility of adding these signs.  It is  a requirement of ALL new subs in Canton to have fire lane signage