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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions most often asked about PRRMA

What is PRRMA?

Pheasant Run Road Maintenance Association is a nonprofit corporation (under public act 162 of 1982) organized to act as the Roadway Manager as governed by the 1993 Reciprocal Roadway Easement between Canton Township and the developers of Fairways, Fairway Pines, and Pheasant View subdivisions.

What is the purpose of the Roadway Manager?

It is the responsibility of the roadway manager to uphold and abide by the governing documents, invoice, collect, and invest annual assessments from all four entities, and generally oversee the infrastructures as defined in the Reciprocal Roadway Easement Agreement.  Annual assessments help to greatly reduce or eliminate the need for expensive special assessments to each homeowner for repairs.  The only reason to collect money is to meet the current and anticipated future repairs.

What is the visible function of the Roadway Manager?

The roadway manager most visibly provides for the maintaining, repairing, replacing, or improving of the roadway wearing surface and sidewalks annually.  Additionally, the roadway manager regularly inspects, repairs, replaces, or improves intersection ramps, street signs, certain irrigation systems, landscaping, and street signs in the community.

Who is on the PRRMA Board?

The Board of Directors consists of five (5) voting members, a Recording Secretary, and a Financial / Facilities Manager.  There is a representative from each subdivision (Fairways, Fairway Pines, and Pheasant View) and two representatives from Canton Township.  The developer and Canton agreed that two representatives from Canton would ensure continuity and consistency.

Are there other associations similar to this in Canton?

No, this arrangement is unique.  Many neighborhood streets in Canton are private, and individual homeowner associations are responsible for the maintenance and repair of those roads.

Most subdivisions in Canton have Wayne County roads.  The County receives Act 51 (gas taxes) to maintain and repair county roads; however, the gas tax dollars collected by the County are used for primary roads.  Funding has not been allocated for the repair of subdivision roads that belong to the County.  Typically, repairs on any county-owned neighborhood roads are funded by special assessments.

What is the relationship between the subdivision associations and PRRMA?

Fairways, Fairway Pines, and Pheasant View subdivisions are independent non-profit corporations in themselves responsible for the operation and maintenance of common areas within each jurisdiction.  Each entity commits monetary support and a vote to PRRMA for the ongoing purpose and visible functions of the Roadway Manager.

Is there an option to becoming a member in PRRMA?

By owning a home in one of the three subdivisions, a homeowner is inextricably a member of the Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Association through their homeowners’ association.  Annual Assessments collected by their homeowners’ association fund the operations of PRRMA.

Why was this type of an Association formed for this area?  
The developer and Canton worked together to create a golf course community.  The intent was to create a single community with three distinct subdivisions and public recreation facilities.  PRRMA created a mechanism to develop common elements and provide enhanced landscaping typically not approved on County roads, and to build private roads with a strategy for its operation, maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Why are the roads within PRRMA asphalt?

During the planning stages, the developer(s) requested asphalt and Canton approved it because asphalt is construed as less urban, softer and more aesthetically pleasing.  Additionally, concrete streets would have significantly increased the purchase price of each lot.  

Does the Canton Township sidewalk gap program affect PRRMA?

The sidewalks under the jurisdiction of PRRMA are in the “right of way” of the Roadway Manager; they are therefore private property.  PRRMA owns and is responsible for the assets in the right of way.  The Township's program deals only with sidewalks in public “right of way”.

Who is responsible for the storm water infrastructure?

Specific circumstances may impact responsibility, generally it is as follows:

  • If it lies under or between the sidewalk, including the road, it is the responsibility of PRRMA

  • If it lies outside of the PRRMA roadway it is the responsibility of the HOA

  • If it lies in a rear yard adjacent to the golf course it is the responsibility of Canton Township

Please contact Canton Township Engineering Services at 734/394-5150 to confirm responsibility.

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