Responsibility Matrix
Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Association

Responsibility Matrix

Ever wonder who is responsible for sidewalks, streets and other roadway related items in the PRRMA district?  The matrix below is the Standard of Responsibility Check Table of Agreement.  It was last revised on January 9, 2008. Within the matrix, the "X" identifies the individual or group having responsibility for administration or repair.


  • PRRMA -- Pheasant Run Road Maintenance Association, Inc.
  • HOA -- Home Owners' Association of Fairway Pines, Fairways and Pheasant View
  • Canton -- Township of Canton
  • Home Owner -- Individual subdivision home owner

Description PRRMA HOA CANTON Home Owner
Investment Policy X      
Storm Sewer X X X X
Sidewalk X X   X
Sanitary Sewer     X X
Water     X  
Driveway, Landscaped Property or Residence X X X X
Landscaped Common Areas   X X  
Landscaped Areas Within Right-of- Way X      
Natural Common Areas   X X  
Irrigation   X X  
Street Trees       X
Street Signs X      
Flowers   X X  
Shrubbery   X X  
Snow Removal   X X  
Monuments and Buildings X      
Lighting (Existing) X      
Lighting (New Modification)   X    
Contract Bid Requirements X      
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