2012 Repairs
Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Association

2013 Repairs

This page will contain a running log of repair notices and updates for 2013.

The detailed construction plan can be found here.
Maps showing the location of all construction areas can be found

For an excellent document on the PASER system used to rate the condition of our roadways, please check this link:

10/26/13 -- Weekend paving-- Paving work may be taking place this Saturday and Sunday, October 26 and 27.  Please see comments below to find out how you can help keep your subdivision's costs to a minimum.

10/17/13 -- Slight change in plans-- They will be milling Summit Parkway, and parts of Gengarry, Sandlewood Court, Mornington Court and Pinehurst on Friday 10/18 and continuing on Monday October 21st, 2013 wrapping up whatever is not completed on Friday. Paving is tentatively scheduled to take place Tuesday October 22nd through Friday October 25th.   

-- The curb and gutter repairs are complete. They are currently working on the small cut and patch repairs around the subdivisions and will continue to do so tomorrow as well. Milling and paving will begin this Friday and run through next week (see details below).  Sidewalk repairs will likely happen after Halloween.  They will be milling parts of Pinehurst, Glengarry, Sandlewood Court and Mornington Court on Friday 10/18 and milling parts of Summit Parkway on Monday October 21st, 2013.  Paving will take place Tuesday October 22nd through Friday October 25th.

10/8/13 -- Nagle is working on the storm sewer in Mornington Court.  Due to rain this weekend they are allowing the site to dry out & expect to finish storm this week.  The next projects will be curb work followed by asphalt milling.  As part of the yearly Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Project, Nagle Paving Co., in conjunction with Canton Township and The Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Association (PRRMA), will begin concrete curb replacement starting Wednesday, October 9th, 2013.  This portion of the project will consist of removing concrete curb and gutter, replacement of the curb and asphalt repairs in front of the curb at various locations along the community‚Äôs roadways. 

9/27/13 -- Slight delay due to supply availability ... New tentative plan is that work will begin on Mornington on Thursday, October 3.

9/26/13 -- As part of the yearly Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Project, Nagle Paving Co., in conjunction with Canton Township and the Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Association (PRRMA), will begin storm sewer modifications starting on Monday,  September 30th, 2013.  This portion of the project will consist of installation of new storm sewer lines and catch basins to improve drainage and storm water collection on Mornington Court.

Nagle Paving Company will provide traffic control and barricading during the operations, but please be aware of the construction crews and equipment as well as other drivers and adjust your speed accordingly.  The process will involve removal of sections of roadway, curb and driveways to allow for installation of the proposed storm improvements.  This process should take approximately four days to complete.  Once the storm sewer improvements are installed, areas where concrete and asphalt were removed will be backfilled with stone.  Shortly after that, when the crews are in the neighborhood performing concrete and asphalt repairs, the roads, curbs, walks and driveways will be repaired and restored to original or better condition.  At the end of the project, Mornington Court will be milled down 2" and resurfaced with new asphalt.  When this process takes place, you will receive future notices aprising you of schedule and required actions (if any).  all disturbed lawn areas will be repaired with new topsoil and hydroseed.

Please keep in mind that all work is weather dependent and rain events may affect the schedule of work.


It is the time for our 2013 roadway and sidewalk repairs.  They are trying to schedule the concrete demo and the sewer work on Mornington for next week.  Your cooperation can help save money!  If you are in an area where work is scheduled, you should be getting a flier at your home.  Please take the time to read it and to follow any instructions.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


It is nearing the time for 2013 road maintenance and repair.  The minutes of the pre-construction meeting are available here.

Construction is tentatively planned for the end of August or early September.  It will take about a month to complete.  Hours of construction will be 7 am to 7 pm.  Please check back here often for details, updates, announcements and road closures when construction begins.  Since most of the work is weather dependent, this site may be updated daily during peak construction times. 

Your cooperation during construction is greatly appreciated.  Having every homeowner help by not parking on the streets and turning off irrigation systems when requested will help keep all of our costs and subdivision dues down.

Thank you!

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